The made in china tag – I am worried

Bought any electronic items recently ? Any computer parts ? Car accessories ? Toys ? Mobile phone accessories ? And found that is NOT manufactured in China ? Consider yourself as lucky. These days it is quite difficult to find a product that is NOT from China.

Made in china tag

I think it started from just 1-2 years back. Its not like I am against China or people out there. But almost everything we buy form the market is from China does not sound as a good thing. I was just making a list of things with the Made in China or Made in PRC. Starting with computer peripherals. About 30 items has been bought in the last 12 months. Only one item says Made in India (very happy to see that these days) and that is blank CD / DVD. The guy who is selling it told me it is not an easy process to make blank media and to maintain the quality and that is the reason Chinese are not into that. Well, do not know whether it is true. Just checked with my brother in law who bought lot of electrical and electronics products recently for his new house. Again, majority has the Made in China tag on them. Even USHA fan !! Next thing was toys that we buy for my niece. China again.

I am pretty sure manufacturing cost is the main thing. And all claim that they maintain quality irrespective of the country where it is manufactured. I am not fully convinced on that. Just as an example, I can see the difference in two computer monitors I bought. Both are of the brand – Viewsonic. First one was bought three years back, not having the tag and last one 11 months back or so with that tag. We can see the difference just by touching the panels, buttons and the body. And I already having some small problem with the display with the second (newer) monitor. The last computer related product I bought was a cartridge. Just by the weight itself I knew it is Chinese (now do not attack me telling weight is not a factor for the quality of printer cartridge, I agree on that). I see the quality of plastic and overall I am not very happy about it.

Two things make me worried. One – Quality is deteriorating – no doubt in that. Second thing is, as everything is from China, if something goes wrong in the relation between the countries (China is always having an unpredictable nature) and if they stop exporting items(yes I know I am paranoid and this is like worrying too much on something), what will happen ? Sure we may not be in trouble as many things can be manufactured here or can be imported form other countries. But that will not be very easy and sure it will take some time.

Why just me ? Or all are worried but do not have more time to think on it ?

Footnote : Wanted to clarify it again. The Author is no way against the country China or its citizens. He is just worried as a nation depend on another one too much, like for every item.

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