Taare Zameen Par – an excellent movie

Watched the movie Taare Zameen Par yesterday. Actually my wife asked me many times to watch it with her but I postponed. Finally I decided to watch and the least to say – it worth the time. An Excellent movie from Aamir Khan who does not act in every movie he come across. I think thats the secret of his success. He make only one or two movies in 2 years and that becomes a hit. I loved the movie. It made me cry many times, yes I admit it. It took me back to my school days. It reminded me how lucky I was. To spend time with my loving parents, my favorite friends from all strata of the society, great teachers of my school, no school bus, no barding school, walking 2 miles every morning to the school, no pressure, life was – Bindaz !
Thare zameen par picture

Major part of the credit goes to the little hero – Darsheel Safary - he is really amazing. I think, just like in the movie, Aamir comes only second compared to him ! He does not speak a lot in the movie but every word he say, every movement he makes, the emotional scenes, everything will remain in our heart for long.

Every scene of the movie will touch you. Never miss the movie. Please watch it at least once and I am sure you will like it. If possible, watch it with your kid. It is a great lesson for parents who make the kids ready for the race from Age 1. It will sure make them think there are some other things in a kid’s life than getting admission in the best school in the city or getting high marks in every grade or getting some costly gifts or toys for them. As the movie says – every kid has a dream. Evey kid has talent too. Sadly most of the parents and teachers never tries to find what it is.

The movie reminded me two of my friends. One just like Ishaan in the movie, but very good in sports and games, but not that good in studies. When he get gold medals in sports, his parents never cared. They will say – there is nothing great in getting a medal in sports, look at your elder brother who got the first rank in the school. And just like in the movie, they put him in a hostel. I really hope his parents see this movie and at least they realize their mistake.

Thank you Aamir, this is really a nice movie. Motivating, fascinating, inspiring and beautiful. If anyone in this world read my blog, I strongly recommend them to watch this movie.

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