Never go too fast, you will regret later

I was on the usual weekend trip with the family. It was near Vyttila (Cochin), the traffic was really heavy. I heard big siren of an ambulance and knew that there are two and in some emergency. I turned my vehicle to the left as much as possible to help them. The ambulance drivers were trying their best to move forward as the road was jam packed with vehicles. Almost all vehicles were helping and giving way for the ambulances. Suddenly I heard another big horn but this time on left side ! And guess what ? A private bus was on its usual off-road drive (they are notorious for the style of overtaking, not obeying traffic rules, careless driving etc). There were not much space in the left but the bus driver manged to make a fast move and they did overtake the ambulance. Yes, on left side.
Bus overtaking ambulance photo one

I was shell shocked but I couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t even shout. In the picture above, you can see how the private bus driver made way on the left while the ambulances were packed in between other vehicles on the right. It was done by blowing horn very loud (other staff in bus supported him by beating on the bus body and making big sound). After the right turn, there is a narrow bridge and I saw the bus going very fast way front of the ambulances.

Bus overtaking ambulance photo two

I was totally helpless, couldn’t even note down the number of the bus and felt sad. Heavy traffic is quite usual in Cochin on weekends but drivers forgetting the priorities and ethics is really shocking.

I am pretty sure those who are going too fast in their life will regret later. If not today, tomorrow.

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