Leaning tower of Cochin, Kerala

And you thought the only leaning building is the Leaning Tower of Pisa ? No, you are wrong. Here is another !

Leaning tower of cochin

Most of those who have passed through the National Highway 47 towards Cochin might have noticed the multi storeyed building which is very near to Hotel Le Meridien. The main structure of the building and most of its work were completed in the 90s itself. But even after 18 years, it hasn’t got any occupants. Reason ? Its a leaning building !!! Yes, Cochin where the land price is too high these days, people are ready to spend more than one Crore ( about 232,000 USD) for a house / flat, this building is all vacant.

Rest of the story. This was built even before they started work of the Le Meridien Hotel. The location is really good, very near to the National Highway. The work was finished and the owner approached the Government for final approval. They had a detailed analysis and found that the building is leaning and not suitable for living. I have heard that the Owner committed suicide, not sure whether it is true though.

The question is – The Civil Engineers, Overseers, who are all worked in this project, never knew the building is not vertical ? Everything was perfect in all phases ? All started going wrong only after finishing it ? No testes or analysis were conducted ? Unbelievable. I think the problem started from the foundation itself. Either it was not designed properly or work was not supervised properly. Only thing which can be done is demolishing the building. But even after that, it is not sure whether they can make new as the building laws became more strict now.

Keep it simple, but make things perfect too. People of Cochin do not need lot of world wonders !

Photo of Hotel Le Meridien – Which is very near to this building

Hotel Le Meridien Cochin
Photo Courtesy – Din the amature photographer.

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