Just five photos from my album, no big deal.

Thought I will share some photos, of course nothing great in these. All taken by me, that is the only problem ! Please click on the thumbnail images and you can see enlarged view.

Pegion on my old crt monitorThis is what happens when you keep the windows open and allow fresh air to come in. Some Pigeons will also come along with the air and will sit on your monitor. If you have no plan to flew her off after taking the photo, you will have to clean monitor with liquid soap too ! Taken 2 years back, using my mobile phone. Location : My computer room.

Kid-Paint my bodyYou might have seen people painting their body for fun and for publicity. Now see this photo. Taken at a place near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. The kid painted his body (or someone else ?) and begs. It is not fun. The paint he used is the one we use for painting metal sheets and pipes. Very harmful and he is standing under the hot sun. Only thing I could offer him were – can of soft drink and some money. Yes, shame on me and it is one of the most embarrassing and sad moment in my life.

Cat in munnarWhen the cat does not sit ready and pose for the camera, what will you do ? (Goobi, you are not supposed to answer as you are a cat expert ! ) Get a small plate, put some milk, give her some biscuits. Thats all ! See how friendly she sits now. Ready for any pose ! Planning to write a guide on cats.. Location : Munnar, Kerala, India

Mother's love - monkey and little monkeyMonkey taking photo of another monkey ? Yes, that is correct. This is the photo that I took while coming from Wayanad. and you thought only human beings care for their kids ? See how animals care. Motherly love. There is no place safer than mother’s lap. Really liked it. Location : Wayanad ghat section, Kerala.

Truck on train !

Truck on train ? Yes, this is not something new for the people near Konkan Railway route. Was on a trip from Mangalore to Goa and then to Mumbai. Vehicles helping vehicles ! And drivers too. Thats is really good. I see most people write only the negative side of Indian Railways and now this is something what I would like to call – Positive. Location : Konkan Railway Route, India.

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