Help the family of Ajith (died in an accident on 4th March 2008)

I was about to press the ‘Spam’ button in my email client when I received an email which had a link to but on a second thought I decided to go through the site. Just out of curiosity, I made a call to the number given in the website and I found it is all true. The family is in pathetic condition. They are in real need of help – financially and by any kind of support.

Help the family of ajith

The family is basically from Kerala, settled in Tamil Nadu long back. Ajith was all their hope and they were all very happy when Ajith got the job in the company. When I called them over phone, I was little nervous as I was not sure what to talk. Ajith’s mom was very sad and she couldn’t talk much. Finally talked to Vinod (Ajith’s cousin) for some time. I am quoting the email below. I forwarded it to most of my friends in the address book.

Email follows …

You might be receiving hundreds of emails claiming to pay some $$$ whenever you forward it to others. Please do not treat this as one among them. By forwarding this email, no one is going to pay any $$$. As you know I always discourage such emails, so I personally verified the information in this email before sending this to you. Please do not ignore.I request all to get united in this matter and help the family. It is our duty and commitment towards the society. Please do not ignore. Please send an email to all your friends, please post this website and details in forums, please talk to your friends and family about this.Everything matters.

Please visit the website –

March 1, 2008. Ajith, a young man who was working in a BPO firm in Chennai, Tmail Nadu was on the way back to home after his work. It was his salary day and he was happy but the same day turned to be the worst day in his life. He was hit by a speeding vehicle and thrown to the dark side of the road, he became unconscious and nobody noticed him. Some of his co-workers who came after the work heard some sound near the roadside and shocked to see him in a pool of blood. They took him and rushed to the nearest hospital and then to another super specialty hospital. Three days he fought for his life but on March 4th he surrendered to death.

According to Ajith’s family – The hospital bill was really high, which came to Indian Rupees 3 Lakhs (USD $7,500) . The BPO company in which Ajith was working, paid Indian Rupees 1 Lakh (USD $2,500) to release his body from hospital. The hospital authorities asked the relatives to sign a lot of papers which were in English. They signed in all papers without knowing what they are (as they were in shocked state plus they were not good in English). Later they came to know one of the form was for eye donation as they saw eyes were removed from Ajith’s body. They are still not sure what the other forms were.

The whole incident was a big shock for the entire family and they didn’t recover form it yet. They were running a small tea shop which is closed after his death. He was the only earning member in his family. All their dreams are shattered with the fatal accident which took their loving family member away from them – for ever.

We believe it is our duty to extend our support to the family. Ajith was just like every one of us. Young, talented, happy and having a lot of dreams about his future. We request every visitor of this website to give support and donate to the family. Even a small amount will make a difference in their life. That is the least thing we can do.

Please visit the website and help the family if you can. That will be a great help and as in the email, that is the least thing we can do for them.

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