Happy news – I am blessed with a baby boy

04/06/08 Magic numbers ? Might be !! This is how Indians represent the date 04th June 2008. So whats so special about it ? Joined the Parents club on that day. I feel so happy and proud. New phase in life, more duties, more responsibilities.

Junior Din - Photo Two Junior Din - Photo One Junior Din - Photo One

The baby boy came bit early. Exactly one month early! No surprise, hes is just impatient as his Dad. Everything was normal except the pale yellow color which is not uncommon for premature babies. The Doc put him under the light for a week ! They call it Phototherapy. Anyway, back home after that and hes healthy and active now.

Junior Din - Photo One[Photo 1]Didn’t name him officially yet, but niece gave him a funny name on the first day itself – Aamakkunju – meaning : baby tortoise! When the nurse brought him to the room, he was well covered with soft white cloth, only head was visible, might be the reason behind the name.

Junior Din - Photo Two

[Photo 2] He prefer sleeping all day and wake up all night. Quite normal I know. Waking up after 2 hrs, drinking milk, back to sleep, life is sure fun for him. I noticed babies smile and cry when they sleep ! (Yes, learning new things) There is a beautiful myth behind this (courtesy : my aunt ! Blame her if this sounds funny). When the babies sleep, God appear in their dreams and tell them ‘Hey look, your mom has gone somewhere’ Poor babies, they believe it and start crying. God feel sorry and will tell them ‘Oh no, I was just joking, look, shes near you’ and next moment they start smiling. Everything in sleep !

Junior Din - Photo Three

[Photo 3] My wife was telling me (before delivery) if its a baby girl, she will buy skirts for the baby. I used to tell her if it is a baby boy, I will have to wear the skirt to make her happy. Seems she forgot it, lucky me. Now I can buy him big cargo shorts with twenty five pockets. That will be pretty cool. Can’t wait, grow up fast baby !

Meantime, I shared my happiness with my friends in ThinkDigit forum. The posts are here.

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