Drinking a country ! And it is good for health.

Yes, it is possible to drink a country, that also in a beer glass, and yes, you can have three countries – Sharjah, Oman and Saudi. Now, I am not sure why only middle east counties are there !

Year 1995, Back in Engineering college class room, on lunch break. Dev, my friend started his class as usual. He narrates even silly incidents with his own style, adding more spice to it and making it all suspense.

“Listen Din, class will be over at 4.10 and I will take my bag from hostel room, will rush to bus stop and then to Town to have a Sharjah first. After that, direct to home.”

I didn’t understand the middle part, Having Sharjah ? How is that possible ? I had no clue what it is and here comes Dev’s (usual) narration.

“Ok, ok, I will explain. In Town there is a shop called – Popsy. Go there, order a Sharjah and you can see how they make it. First they will get a frozen Milma (pasteurized milk) packet, will put in in the mixer, then will add the ‘secret powder’, sugar and then one or two banana and will make it like a paste. They will put it in a big beer glass and you can have it, believe me, its an excellent thing.”

I decided to give it a try. On friday I went to the shop with Dev. There were eight or nine small shops just like Popsy, all in a row, but majority of the people were going to Popsy only. Dev ordered two Sharjah. I saw them making the much awaited, Dev’s favorite Sharjah. Beating the milk cover with softwood to make it like a paste, then put it in mixer, adding ‘secret powder’ form a big cover, adding sugar and banana and finally poured into beer glasses. And for the first time in my life I tasted milk shake. Dev was right, it was really nice. It was very tasty, cold and it was like half eating and half drinking. After having it I couldn’t speak properly, my tongue was out of control, my head was like frozen, but it was real fun.

After 13 years, knowing most flavors and names of milk shakes, I still remember the great taste of the first Sharjah I had with Dev on that day.

Note : For those who never heard of it, give it a try and you will sure love it. You can do it in your home and there is no harmful things in Sharjah. It is just milk, sugar and banana. If you want to experiment more, try with mango and make it mango shake, try with chocolate powder to make it chocolate shake, add dry fruits, add color, it is all up to your taste and imagination and during the summer season it is really nice to have a Sharjah.

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