Currency conversion syndrome

This happens to people going abroad, mostly for the first time. Right after one week they start sending email to all their friends.

Everything is fine here. Life is great. We visited XYZ place with friends, find the photos in my web album. The only thing I am worried is the cost of living. It cost Indian Rupees(INR) 1200 for a hair cut. Thats really terrible isn’t it ?

Guys who cut their hair in India for Indian Rupees 30 or 50 or maximum of 100 read this and says – WOW. Now, please stop this. We had enough ! We all know this is something happens to people go abroad for the first time. Happens mostly to people go to US or Europe. This syndrome does not seems to be affecting people going Middle east though (they are happy telling the excellent condition of roads in Dubai or about DSF). Think about this. You get a salary of Indian Rupees 10000 here. You spend 100 out of it for a hair cut. That comes to one percent of your salary right ? Now, in the US you get minimum of USD 4000. You spend USD 30 for a hair cut. Compare it, comes less than one percentage right ? Now for God’s sake stop the comparison ! When you are abroad (that is when you are on a job and not on a vacation trip), do not start calculating and converting the currency every time you go out for shopping or every time you go for a hair cut. Even if you do, please do not send email to all your friends telling this ! Do not make calls to home telling – Mom, my hair is so long, but I do not want to spend a lot of money for a hair cut (now why not learning hair cut ? Not a bad idea for sure. There must be a Do it Yourself guide somewhere)

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