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So Talwar’s e-mail account hacked?

So Talwar’s e-mail account hacked? Well, yahoo fears so and there are a lot of people who do not have any idea on it commented there too! I am not sure whether his email account has been really hacked or not. But it is surprising nobody including the author didn’t mention it is nothing but

Where is ‘New Cochin’ ?

I was sleeping blissfully as it was Sunday but the phone call woke me up. A friend who was my juinor in school was on the other end. Din, important question – where is New Cochin ? Now I am confused. I was in half sleep plus I never heard of a place New Cochin.

Arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun

Yes, arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun ! That also when you are under the pile of blocks. Things we have to take care of – move slowly, take the blocks one by one from the body, arrange it properly, check which is next block. It may not be concrete blocks always,

Federal Bank – From new generation to pen and paper

ATM and Online Banking makes the life easy for customers. At the same time it saves a lot of time and resources of bank. It is like mutually benefited. Federal Bank was one of the few private sector banks which made the move long back itself – with a large number of ATMs and also

The made in china tag – I am worried

Bought any electronic items recently ? Any computer parts ? Car accessories ? Toys ? Mobile phone accessories ? And found that is NOT manufactured in China ? Consider yourself as lucky. These days it is quite difficult to find a product that is NOT from China. I think it started from just 1-2 years

Leaning tower of Cochin, Kerala

And you thought the only leaning building is the Leaning Tower of Pisa ? No, you are wrong. Here is another ! Most of those who have passed through the National Highway 47 towards Cochin might have noticed the multi storeyed building which is very near to Hotel Le Meridien. The main structure of the

Thank you for taking us back to the stone age

Many of my clients and friends abroad do not know much about Hartals and they do not belive that we (Indians and especially the people in Kerala) have so many Hartals every month. This post is mainly for them, to let them understand how important Hartal is – for us and why it is an

And you thought there is nothing great about ants ?

Less than thousand (I guess) members. Exactly twelve hrs, that also night shift. They didn’t waste even a second I am sure. And the result ? A cute fort ! Really nice. You can see how beautiful it is. The design – perfect. Circular shape, one side higher than other (see the side view). Entrance

Drinking a country ! And it is good for health.

Yes, it is possible to drink a country, that also in a beer glass, and yes, you can have three countries – Sharjah, Oman and Saudi. Now, I am not sure why only middle east counties are there ! Year 1995, Back in Engineering college class room, on lunch break. Dev, my friend started his

The same dream two hundred times

I have seen this strange dream at least two hundred times ! Yes, that is correct. Sometimes the location changes, sometimes the persons change. But the main theme remains the same. I have no clue why I see the same dream again and again. Anyway here it is. This is what I see in all