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And you thought there is nothing great about ants ?

Less than thousand (I guess) members. Exactly twelve hrs, that also night shift. They didn’t waste even a second I am sure. And the result ? A cute fort ! Really nice. You can see how beautiful it is. The design – perfect. Circular shape, one side higher than other (see the side view). Entrance

Never go too fast, you will regret later

I was on the usual weekend trip with the family. It was near Vyttila (Cochin), the traffic was really heavy. I heard big siren of an ambulance and knew that there are two and in some emergency. I turned my vehicle to the left as much as possible to help them. The ambulance drivers were

Sleeping on the railway station over bridge

All the time we were complaining about Government, about lack of facilities, condition of roads, how life is tough with out a broadband connection and so on. After seeing this person sleeping peacefully on the Ernakulam South Railway Station over bridge, I thought how lucky we are, at least having a house to sleep. Taken

Help the family of Ajith (died in an accident on 4th March 2008)

I was about to press the ‘Spam’ button in my email client when I received an email which had a link to but on a second thought I decided to go through the site. Just out of curiosity, I made a call to the number given in the website and I found it is

Drinking a country ! And it is good for health.

Yes, it is possible to drink a country, that also in a beer glass, and yes, you can have three countries – Sharjah, Oman and Saudi. Now, I am not sure why only middle east counties are there ! Year 1995, Back in Engineering college class room, on lunch break. Dev, my friend started his

Just five photos from my album, no big deal.

Thought I will share some photos, of course nothing great in these. All taken by me, that is the only problem ! Please click on the thumbnail images and you can see enlarged view. This is what happens when you keep the windows open and allow fresh air to come in. Some Pigeons will also

Currency conversion syndrome

This happens to people going abroad, mostly for the first time. Right after one week they start sending email to all their friends. Everything is fine here. Life is great. We visited XYZ place with friends, find the photos in my web album. The only thing I am worried is the cost of living. It