Arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun

Yes, arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun ! That also when you are under the pile of blocks. Things we have to take care of – move slowly, take the blocks one by one from the body, arrange it properly, check which is next block. It may not be concrete blocks always, it is a mix. Concrete, stone, wooden and some other material which we never seen before. And remember, it is not a game, and no one to help us. After all who will come to help you arranging the blocks at midnight !

Didn’t get the head or tail out of it ? OK, ever seen dreams when you are having high temperature ? sometimes it is really scary. When I was a kid, it was different. Instead of the blocks, it will be huge gumballs. Sometimes rubber balls, sometimes glass and sometimes ice, but really huge. I had a tough time trying to escape from these balls. They used to come towards me at a faster pace, and somehow I managed them every time. After the childhood days I didn’t see such dreams, might be the effect of strong antibiotics. Things went smooth until last week when I had fever again. I decided to have homoeopathic medicine this time. And the dream came back, with the huge blocks. I was half conscious and was sure it is a dream, but I couldn’t wake up fully and I couldn’t sleep too. I tried to throw away the blocks, but it was not easy this time. I swirled, I moved sideways, I tried to re-arrange the blocks, and slowly, very slowly they started getting arranged ! I heard my Mom asking me what is going on. Wife came and asked me the same thing two times. And then I came back to my senses, I replied properly, I told them I am having headache and can’t sleep. When they went back, I restarted on the job. I thought why asking for help when I can arrange all blocks myself !

At around 4.00 am, most of the work was done. All the blocks were well arranged. I felt happy and was quite satisfied. I was sweating, but no headache this time. I decided to sleep, reminded me Amitabh Bachan’s dialogue – Ma, mein bahut thak gaya hoom !

I slept peacefully till 9.00 in the morning. When I woke up, only two blankets were on top of me, no, no blocks at all.

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