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Where is ‘New Cochin’ ?

I was sleeping blissfully as it was Sunday but the phone call woke me up. A friend who was my juinor in school was on the other end. Din, important question – where is New Cochin ? Now I am confused. I was in half sleep plus I never heard of a place New Cochin.

Arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun

Yes, arranging big concrete blocks at midnight is not fun ! That also when you are under the pile of blocks. Things we have to take care of – move slowly, take the blocks one by one from the body, arrange it properly, check which is next block. It may not be concrete blocks always,

Happy new year and welcome back !

First – Wish you all a very happy, fresh and joyful new year. It has been quite sometime since I wrote something in my blog. Goobi threatened me and told me either restart it or close down. As he is from Goa, I am not taking any chances and here I am, back again !